3 Unique Places to Eat in Eureka Springs

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3 Unique Places to Eat in Eureka Springs

The foundation for any proper vacation is discovering a new place and doing something new. Many travelers will say the most effective way to immerse yourself in your chosen destination is to indulge in the local flavors and entrees. Trying your favorite dish at a new eatery is considered a merit badge for many culinary enthusiasts, and there are plenty of excellent places to eat in Eureka Springs! As many restaurants continue to make tough decisions about how they will operate, you may find yourself wondering which establishments offer indoor seating, takeout, or both. Thankfully, takeout is usually an option, and with summer just around the bend, many Eureka Springs restaurants will have outdoor dining available if you would rather not go inside to eat. To help you wade through the many places to eat in Eureka Springs, we at Can-U-Canoe have devised a shortlist of three must-try restaurants that promise to deliver a unique and memorable experience.

Places to Eat in Eureka Springs | 3 Must-Try Options

Despite being a relatively small community, there are many places to eat in Eureka Springs. We’re confident that our quick guide will help give you a few ideas. The best restaurants in town are part of what makes our eclectic city a beloved destination for everyone from bikers to kayakers, so we’d like to pay them back by sending you their way. You can find a more detailed list of local restaurants by visiting the city’s official travel website.

Local Flavor Cafe

Local Flavor Cafe is a quaint dining establishment in the heart of Eureka’s Springs’ historic business district. With a fresh and dynamic take on cuisine in a friendly atmosphere, Local Flavor displays a passion for regional classics while adding a gourmet touch. Outdoor patio dining is available for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, and their menu is highly influenced by Southwest American, Italian, and French cuisine.  

Mud Street Cafe

Known mainly as a hip and award-winning coffee joint, Mud Street Cafe also specializes in providing hearty, delicious breakfast, lunch, and dessert items. Their omelets have been the talk of the town since they opened, and they also offer homemade muffins. Residing in a spacious underground dining room, Mud Street is adorned with local art, traditional oak furnishings, and Victorian floors.

The Rockin’ Pig Saloon

The Rockin’ Pig Saloon is a must-try Eureka Springs staple that has set the standard for generous offerings of “stick-to-your-ribs” dining inspired by Italy, Mexico, and the Southern United States. Specializing in BBQ, The Rockin’ Pig also plays host to a bevy of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pies, and tacos. If you come to the Rockin’ Pig with an empty stomach, you can expect to leave with a loose belt. 

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