Best Hiking in Northwest Arkansas

Kiking in the Ozark Mounains of Northwest Arkansas

Best Hiking in Northwest Arkansas

The Ozark Mountains are the gem of the central United States. Smack in the middle of these lush, rolling hills is Arkansas—just far enough south to enjoy temperate winters and far enough north to avoid boiling summers. The incredible forests that fill the Ozarks create ample recreational opportunities, from river rafting to spelunking to mountain biking. However, some of the best things to do, such as hiking, don’t require any equipment or training. Can-U-Canoe Riverview Cabins provide comfortable lodging and easy access to the best hiking in northwest Arkansas so that anyone can have a fun-filled getaway to Eureka Springs.

Hobbs State Park Eureka Springs Hiking

Along the southern shore of Beaver Lake is Hobbs State Park—the largest state park in Arkansas. The park features 36 miles of hiking trails and regular educational events. In addition to the best hiking in northwest Arkansas, highlights around Hobbs State Park include the War Eagle Cavern and the War Eagle Mill, where you can experience a slice of Arkansas history.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

The Ozarks span across four different states, and because of our northern vantage point, some of the best hiking near Eureka Springs is in Missouri. One popular Eureka Springs hiking spot is Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. It’s not far from Can-U-Canoe, and it’s a must-see when you visit the area. This park has both paved and natural trails, making it accessible to people of all walking abilities. It’s a gorgeous place to experience hiking in the Ozarks.

Roaring River State Park Hiking in the Ozarks

The best Eureka Springs activities are outdoors, and another fabulous place to explore is Roaring River State Park. It’s close to the hiking in northwest Arkansas, so you could hit this Missouri park on the same day as your Arkansas adventures. This park has a swimming pool for visitors to cool off throughout the summer. If there’s snow when you visit, try snowshoeing through the trails.

Enjoy Hiking in Northwest Arkansas

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, hiking in the Ozarks is just the thing for you. Trekking through Arkansas’ vast, flourishing mountain forests is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Stay at Can-U-Canoe for an authentic cabin experience surrounded by the great outdoors. Call 479-253-5966 to book your hiking adventure!