Things to Do in Eureka Springs to Shake off Winter

The Flatiron Building in downtown Eureka Springs Arkansas

Things to Do in Eureka Springs

Although winter is reasonably mild in the Arkansas Ozarks, many of us are yearning for longer, warmer days filled with sunshine and smiles. Now that we’re on the home stretch, it will only be a matter of weeks—or possibly days before spring is in full swing, lending itself to blossoming flowers and a bevy of outdoor activities. To prepare for the changing season, the staff at Can-U-Canoe, just outside of Eureka Springs, has been busy taking reservations and ensuring everything is in order. There will be plenty of things to do in Eureka Springs to kick off the warmer months, and Can-U-Canoe is here to point you in the right direction and make sure you make the most of your Arkansas spring break. It’s not always easy to decide the best way to shake off winter, but the Arkansas Ozarks is just the place to do it!

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Arkansas Family Vacation

Arkansas family on vacation

10 Things to Do on an Arkansas Family Vacation

There’s no better family vacation than heading to a cabin. You get out of the house and away from chores, and the kids have plenty of room to play outdoors. When your children are all grown up, they’ll still speak fondly of their weeks at the cabin with you. With sizes ranging from one to five bedrooms, the Can-U-Canoe Eureka Springs family cabins have space for all the members of your household to relax and play all day. Here are our recommendations for things to do in Arkansas with kids.

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Eureka Springs Caves

Eureka Springs Caves

Top 4 Cave Tours in Arkansas

Are you ready for an Indiana Jones adventure? When you visit Eureka Springs, outdoor adventures are around every corner. Some of the best Eureka Springs attractions are underground; four of the most impressive caves in Arkansas are in our town. So when you stay at Can-U-Canoe Riverview Cabins, you can explore these mysterious caverns and search for undiscovered parts of the world. Check out these cave tours in Arkansas for your next vacation.

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Fun Eureka Springs Attractions | Stay Cool with Can-U-Canoe

Beaver Lake at dusk

Fun Eureka Springs Attractions | Stay Cool with Can-U-Canoe

Arkansas summers are hot and humid, with high temperatures averaging 90 degrees, and the days remain toasty through the end of October. When the sun hits its peak, the only thing to do is find a body of water and chill, chill, chill. That’s why Beaver Lake is one of the top Eureka Springs attractions. It’s where you can go scuba diving in Arkansas and get the perfect golden tan. When you’re looking for things to do in Eureka Springs, try out these activities to beat the southern heat.

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Eureka Springs Attractions – Discovering the Arts

Eureka Springs Art Gallery

Eureka Springs Art Gallery

Eureka Springs is located in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas. It is a town rich in history and scenic beauty. Native Americans treated the area as a sacred site honoring the powers of 65 “Great Healing Springs.” Eureka Springs is often called the “City of Magic,” perhaps because of the revered waters or maybe the shadows of the enchanted Ozark Mountains. The magic certainly transcends to inspire artisans of every craft as demonstrated in the Eureka Springs art gallery district.   

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